The distinction between post insulators and suspension insulators


        Post insulator: it is a special insulation control, which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.In the early days, post insulators were mostly used for electric poles, and gradually developed from the end of high-type high-voltage wire connecting towers with a lot of suspended insulators, which were usually made of silica gel or ceramic to increase the creepage distance. They are called insulators.Insulator in overhead transmission lines with two basic role, namely support wire and prevent the current back, these two functions must be guaranteed, insulator should not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions lead to various electrical and mechanical stress and failure, or else there won’t have a significant role in the insulator, will damage the whole line of use and operating life.

                                   post insulator2 (2)

        Suspension insulators are generally made of insulating parts (such as porcelain parts, glass parts) and metal accessories (such as steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) glued or mechanically clamped.Insulators are widely used in power systems. They generally belong to external insulation and work under atmospheric conditions.The external live conductors of overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations, and various electrical equipment shall be supported by insulators and insulated from the earth (or ground objects) or other conductors with potential differences.



Post time: Aug-15-2020