Shear bolt mechanical termination lug is the independent innovation product of Wangyuan Power Technology Co., LTD., which is to connect or end the cable by means of torque bolts and screws, including torque terminals and torque take-over.

Some of the advantages of torque connectors are described below, using torque nozzles as examples.

1. No pressing tool is needed, only ordinary socket wrench can be used to twist and break the torque bolt. The benefits are rapid, simple, low installation cost, stable joint quality and free from human factors.

2. Suitable for copper and aluminum, suitable for copper conductor, aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, including copper and aluminum transition butt joint of 35KV and below voltage classes.The benefits are greatly reduced inventory, do not need to buy a variety of models to take over, convenient management.For example, 150/240 torque nozzles, there used to be three copper nozzles, three aluminum nozzles, three copper and aluminum transition nozzles, but now there’s only one.

3. Wide range. Because the diameter of cables produced by each cable factory is different, the inside diameter of each takeover factory is not consistent, and the construction water used by each installation worker is different, the installation quality of traditional crimper type takeover varies greatly.These problems are solved because of the wide range characteristics of torque nozzles.To use customer’s words is to use technical means to solve practical problems.

4. More reliable electrical performance.After the traditional pipe is pressed, it will produce rilling, burr, and even flying edge, which needs to be polished carefully and requires high requirements for the construction personnel.Bingyue electric torque nozzle is smooth, just a simple treatment of the bolt fracture can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents.

5. For special applications, such as thin stranded flexible cable, because the flexible cable is thicker than the ordinary copper cable in the same screenshot, the ordinary pipe can’t be plugged in, and the pipe of the larger size can’t be pressed tight, so the torque pipe is very easy to solve.

Post time: Aug-10-2020